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" To continuously improvise the latest technologies in the areas of medical research for the betterment of the mankind as a whole "
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At Aravinda Biosolutions, the Business of Bioinformatics focuses on creating high quality databases and analysis tools. The databases are provided either as products or customized services. All databases are created by manually curating information from research articles, patents, and publications. The databases are validated to ensure high scientific quality and accuracy.
The products are useful in drug discovery, especially in target selection, target validation, toxicogenomics and biomarker validation. The database products have the software user interface with analytical capabilities. Our services extend from creating databases for drug discovery, to various areas of Biotechnology including Crop science, Nutraceuticals, Biochemical reactions and Enzymes. We serve our customers and create manually curated databases, application and analysis tools and annotate data elements from existing data-sets.