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" To continuously improvise the latest technologies in the areas of medical research for the betterment of the mankind as a whole "
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About Aravinda Biosolutions
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About Aravinda BioSolutions
Aravinda Biosolutions is a comprehensive business solution & training organization, based at Hyderabad, India. The most prominent place for Bio-Technology & Bioinformatics field. Our team has extensive knowledge in all our core business units. Our vision is a relaxed, client - focused and professional approach to cater for the increasing interest in human resource within organisations ensuring customers receive first-rate service as they implement the solutions we offer.
Our Mission is to solve society’s most important problems in the life sciences through trans-disciplinary research and education.“ To continuously improvise the latest technologies in the areas of medical research for the betterment of the mankind as a whole”
ARAVINDABIO is be a world leader in trans-disciplinary life science research and education. In practice this means that ARAVINDABIO is committed to making transformative discoveries, solving important problems, developing the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers, influencing public policy, and transitioning scientific research into use.
At ARAVINDABIO, we have a clear set of values that guide the actions of our organization. Our values are excellence, integrity, valuing people, teamwork, and prosperity.
At Aravinda Biosolutions Quality is a journey towards continuous improvement. Every employee strives to provide High Quality of Innovation be it in products or services. We provide:
Innovative & cost effective solutions
Comprehensive customer care.
A Highly rewarding working environment
A win-win, mutually beneficial platform for collaboration.
Aravinda Bioinformatics Institute (ABI)
ARAVINDABIO Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) is a research institute dedicated to the study of the biological sciences.
Sailient Features are :
Experienced Faculty Members.
Member for BCIL (Dept of Biotechnology, Govt. of India).
Guest faculties from reputed universities/organization.
Limited students in each batch.
Certification tie-ups with Government approved Organizations with ISO certified.
Certificates registered in all employment exchanges and Foreign embassy’s.
Placement assistance for deserving candidates
All Computers with Internet facility.
Full-fledged lab with high configured Systems.
Commercial software’s like Open eye, Gold, Disovery studio, Schrodinger etc.
Project documentation with Soft and Hard copies.