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" To continuously improvise the latest technologies in the areas of medical research for the betterment of the mankind as a whole "
  • "Aravinda Bio invites applications for Training, Live Academic/Publication & Job Oriented Projects & publication work on Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics,
    Molecular Modeling, Drug Designing, BioPerl Programming
  • "(100% Job Oriented Training programs in Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management (CDM), Pharmaco-vigilance, Drug Regulatory Affairs and SAS with Clinical trials) in the Months of November, Decemcer-2014 and JAN, FAB, MARCH- 2015."
    1. Designing of Research work
    2. Carrying out the work
    3. Results and Discussion
    4. Journal selection
    5. Paper writing
    6. Plagiarism
    7. Submissions."
  • "Interested candidates can register their names by email or phone call. Limited students in each batch. For more details just fill the enquiry form available in our website. aravindabio@yahoo.com or enquiry@aravindabio.com or call 09391187818
    (Raghu Raj)
  • "Some of our students got placed in Novartis-Hyd, Paraxel-Hyd, Thomson Reuters-Hyderabad, Zuventus-Mumbai, Reddy Labs-Hyd, Verco Biotech-Hyd, Bharath Biotech, Hyd, NIMS-Hyd, CR bio-Hyd, Clinsync Clinical, Hyd, Accenture-Chennai,"
  • "Pulse Clinical Research-Hyd, Jubilant bio (clinsys)-Bangalore, United Health Group-Hyd, Piramal Clinical Research-Hyd and many more.,"
Aravinda Bio is offering the most advanced types of industry relevant courses in the areas of Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics field.

Diploma in Cheminformatics
Diploma in Bioinformatics
PG Diploma in Bioinformatics
PG Diploma in Cheminformatics
Specialized Courses
Specialized ( New Courses )
Crash & Short-Term Trainings

Aravinda Bio is interested in problems in the area of bioinformatics, in particular modeling and simulation of molecular sequence data. We like to work on problems close to the fundamentals....

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